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Please…Just Leave me Alone!

I feel like a rabid dog with the urge to bite…

After yesterday’s writing stint, today sees me going back in and spreading out the info dump. Sometimes, when the plot is intricate, I like to write everything from the past in one go so all the information is down. The next day, or later down the road, I go back to the info dump and copy and paste bits into other parts of the book, therefore escaping too much backstory at once. I have a scene that needs writing at the start of chapter two, and I wasn’t in the mood for that yesterday but am today. I usually write [SO AND SO NEEDS TO DO THIS HERE] when a scene isn’t calling to me, and just as luck would have it, I want to write that scene but the headache from hell, plus the kids talking to me, means I’m stopping and starting, gritting my teeth and answering them so they don’t feel Mother is too busy for them, and generally wondering whether I’ll get anything written today. Hence this procrastinating blog post. Funny how no one is talking to me now, eh? Funny how, when I finish this and flick back to my manuscript, someone will want something or have a terribly important thing to say that needs saying NOW!

Oh, the joys of being a writing mother…

And how is it they know which Word document is my book? Okay, the fonts are different, but I’m wondering if I adopt a different pose when writing a book—you know, shoulders hunched, immense concentration on the face, eyes glazed… Or maybe I’m just imagining it and they just happen to speak at the wrong time.

It’s difficult, because I want to get my daily word count down and out of the way some days. You know the times, when you’d rather be doing something else really but if you don’t get today’s words down they’ll bug you all day until you do. Or you want to write, but you’re tired and keep getting interrupted. I could just say, “Oh, bugger off will you?” and at times I do, when they’ve bugged me quite enough and really need to go off and play by themselves, but there’s always that thing in my mind where I want to listen to them just in case there’s a nugget of information there that gives me a heads-up into how they’re feeling or whether something is bothering them.

Today, though, is just a waffle day, where they’re talking about everything and nothing and, to be honest, just…annoying me. Yes, the headache is a big part of my irritation, being tired is another, and wanting to write in silence (my usual preference) is another still, but the kids are still off school on Easter break, and I won’t get my silent time back until April 19th. And here I am, still typing away on this blog post, and no one has spoken to me. I’m going to do a test. Going to flick to my manuscript and see how long it takes for one of them to ask me something. Here goes…

4 minutes later. “Mum, can I have a cinnamon bun?”

30 seconds later. “The buns have all gone.”

Let’s try again…

6 minutes. “The buns have all gone.”

“Yes, you said. Never mind…”

And so this will continue for much of the day, I feel. I’ll just write in between interruptions and keep plodding on until I finish the info dump switches and reach my 3K goal. If they’re still in the mood to try and prevent me from writing, I’ll maybe tell them if they’re bored they’re quite welcome to tidy their rooms. Yes, that’ll work.

If you’re writing today, I wish you uninterrupted wonderment!