Master Series

Devil’s Spawn

After an altercation with Vincent, Julian leaves the ton as captain of Le Frai de Démon, trading his wares in foreign parts. Two years pass, two years of Vincent abstaining from sex and mourning the loss of his love.

Week nights, gay men gather in Devil’s Spawn, Julian’s club, and though Vincent doesn’t partake in sexual contact, he visits the club as a way to bring Julian closer despite his absence.

One night, Vincent’s life is turned upside down with the return of Julian. Though his heart tells him to open up and allow Julian in, his pride rears its stubborn head. Will Julian be able to break down the barriers? And will Vincent find out why Julian is really called The Master?

Le Frai De Demon

As Le Frai De Demon coasts the ocean waves, Vincent and Julian continue their love affair. Upon arriving at Hellion to trade wares, Julian takes Vincent to a special place where the crack of a whip brings them both pleasure. However, their private time is interrupted when a crew member brings news of a rogue trader causing trouble. The men return to the ship intent on leaving Hellion as soon as possible, but a tragedy is in their midst.

Devil’s Return

Vincent and Julian have lived on land since their last voyage on Le Frai De Demon. During a special party at Julian’s gay club, the new ship’s captain, Gordy, arrives with bad news. Someone from their past has followed him back to England and is intent on finding Julian.

An altercation leads to a fire breaking out in Devil’s Spawn, but not everyone escapes with their life. Vincent and Julian flee the property for the safety of home, but guilt follows them. Will they ever come to terms with what happened, or will the events drive a wedge between the couple?

Devil’s Torment

With the reopening of Devil’s Spawn upon them, Julian and Vincent have much to prepare. However, the past haunts Vincent, tormenting him day and night. One morning, Vincent is roused from slumber and drawn to the bedroom window. Someone stands in the forest surrounding his home, and he ventures outside to see who it is—only to find more horrors awaiting him.

Intent on revenge, Vincent vows to confront the forest figure, but events once again spiral out of control and someone loses their life.

A shocking revelation regarding Julian shakes Vincent to the core, but he remains loyal to his lover, hoping his conscience will leave him free of torment.

Will death and destruction always plague the couple, or is Vincent destined to carry past’s burdens forever?

Devil’s Revelation

With the death of Julian’s father weighing heavy on his mind, Vincent vows to sift through his feelings and force himself to live a guilt-free life. An invitation to Lord Drover’s ball unsettles Vincent, but he attends with Julian, realizing one of Julian’s well-kept secrets.

The Christmas season is well under way, and the two spend it with those who they see as their family—Gordy, the captain of Le Frai De Demon, and his wife and brood. Their guests give them a very special gift and, at last, Vincent sheds the past and looks forward to a brighter future.