Mistress Klara works in a dungeon in the heart of the city. Each short story explores one of her clients and their predilection, as well as her affliction of nymphomania.

Hunger: Mistress Klara is hungry for sex. Her client today is Harvey Lewis. Though he may sate her sexual yens, Klara is left unsatisfied in other areas of her life.

Trois: Mistress Klara entertains two men at once. However, one of her clients is addicted to her in more ways than one. Will his admission mess up her already confusing love life?

Marked: One man returns to see Mistress Klara to confirm the sentiments he made the previous day. She entertains him sexually, but does she allow his endearments to sway her line of thinking?

Shadows: Mistress Klara joins her roommate and work colleague, Mistress Shadow, in sexually entertaining a man who suffers from the male version of Klara’s affliction—satyriasis. However, the dilemmas in her life cannot be kept in the shadows any longer…

Knots: Mistress Klara entertains her final client of the week and contemplates walking away from her job. With her emotions in torment and her mind on her ties with her clients, Beautiful Luke, Mistress Shadow, and Mark, can she leave her dungeon for the last time and start somewhere new?