AKA Charley Oweson


I started my career writing psychological horror/suspense and thrillers. I really do enjoy this genre—my favourite to write, if I’m honest—and decided to have a seperate pen name for these so that my Sarah Masters name was known for primarily m/m with het books thrown in every so often. I plan to only write m/m from now on as Sarah, and my hets will be under the name of Natalie Dae.

As Charley, I write gritty, horrible, real-life situations, dealing with murder, child abuse, and many other unpleasant things in life. Some have said those tales are disturbing—and I’d have to agree they are and should be due to the subject matter.

I spent several years studying socio/psychopaths and their actions, and although it sounds warped, I love getting into my character’s minds and displaying their vulgarities on the page. The human mind fascinates me, so what better way to explore it than through my writing? These books are not everyone’s cup of tea, I realise that, but for those, like me, who enjoy reading about the strange and terrible people in our society, you might want to give them a try.

I had a new nasty novel in mind that turned into an m/m, called Scared. It will be available soon.

If horror and the nasties aren’t your bag, maybe my m/m or hets will be!