The Gamble

Maimings, shootings, double-crossings. Subterfuge, deceit, secrets. Dare you take The Gamble?

Ronald Dolan: Gangland boss. Ruler of 1950s London. Owns public houses and hold illegal poker games. Don’t mess with him. He’ll cut your crown jewels off.

Violet Dolan: Ronald’s spinster daughter. Shirks her roots and acts prim and proper. She’s been devious in the past, and someone is out to get her.

Jonathan Pembrooke: Loses a game of poker to Ronald Dolan. Wins Violet’s hand in marriage. Falls in love with a younger woman. If Dolan finds out, Jonathan is dead.

Rose Lynchwood: An old friend of Violet’s. She’s out for revenge but hides her secrets behind a sweet façade.

Gracie Lynchwood: Rose’s daughter. Jonathan’s girlfriend—only she doesn’t know she’s his mistress.

The Brothers: Ronald Dolan’s hardmen. They’ll do anything—for a price.